Consumers are becoming more savy and more demanding of their financial services providers. They are now less inclined to give unswerving loyalty to a single provider. This presents both opportunities and challenges for credit unions. There is a real opportunity to offer a compelling alternative to banks. The challenge is to attract more members and to increase your personal lending business. To meet this challenge, you may need to change the way your credit union markets itself. In this brief, we look at what it takes to position your credit union for a more competitive market, and how to use best practice marketing to deliver results at lower costs. We illustrate this with a Bayberry project at St. Paul’s Garda Credit Union we discus how one credit union addressed some of the challenges and opportunities.

You will learn:

  • Why the future of your credit union depends on effective strategic marketing
  • How to win a larger share of your Members’ financial services requirements
  • Why you should be getting measurable results from marketing
  • How to embrace new digital marketing and social media marketing techniques
  • How a national credit union has repositioned and deployed a winning market strategy
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