We’ve been helping one of our financial institution clients to reposition itself as a primary source of banking for its customers. St. Paul’s Garda Credit Union is seeking to expand its transactional services to members to drive growth, at a time when the banking market is undergoing significant change with existing players retrenching and new entrants seeking to gain market share.

Following our work to deliver a business strategy and technical platform for the new debit card and payment account, we developed a marketing strategy in which the first campaign invited members of St. Paul’s to discover “a surprising new way to bank“.

Marketing through digital and traditional channels has driven the take-up for the service. In particular, the integration of social media with lead capturing techniques has significantly increased the take up of the service, increasing membership and reducing the number of “decide tomorrow” enquiries.

This video, an interview with a prominent member of the credit union, demonstrates how other members are now actively using, and getting value from, the new banking services.

Tony Davis on Daily Banking with St. Paul’s Garda Credit Union